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Photo Gallery

The Little Campbell River Watershed is full of incredible life.  From its diverse estuary in Semiahmoo Bay, deep ravines through its mid-reaches, lush wetlands in Campbell Valley Park, and low gradient headwaters the Little Campbell River supports several rich ecosystems.  Volunteers with the LCWS are proud of the work they have done to protect and enhance habitats in their watershed.

Our blog has many more photos of our events and activities

Fish releases

Volunteers releasing juvenile salmon into the Little Campbell River

Forage fish planting

Volunteers using a boat to transport plants for Forage Fish enhancement planting


Volunteers planting vegetation to enhance the banks of the Little Campbell River estuary

Nest box placement

Volunteers erecting Purple Martin nest boxes

Volunteer opportunities with the Little Campbell Watershed Society

Volunteers participating in workshops to learn more about frogs, toads and salamanders

Photo:  K. Robson

Amphibian monitoring

Wildlife in Little Campbell River Watershed

Photo Credits:  All photos above provided by M. Cuthbert except where noted

Vegetation in Little Campbell River Watershed

Little Campbell Watershed Society

To understand, restore and enhance the Little Campbell River and its watershed and to foster community stewardship.